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Project Description

This program is essentially a program a threw together one night, after I got sick of springerlink pages showing up in my Google searches. Articles on springerlink require payment, which I'm not going to give them. The same thing goes for Experts Exchange. I'd rather not even have these sites come up when I do a Google search.

So the basic idea of this project is to create a way to search the web and be able to filter out results from certain websites (or only allow results from certain websites). There may very well be a way to do this in a Google search, but if you can, I'm sure it would require setting specific flags in the search every time you want to do a search.


The current version is very primitive, but go ahead and give it a try. It should be fairly intuitive to use. Right now, it simply allows you to type in a search phrase, runs the Google search, filters out the pointless stuff (you specify this in a file), and opens up a new page in your web browser.


Build# Files Comments
2 WebPilot-Build2.zip -
1 ProbePilot0-5.zip -

To run it, you will need Java 6. I would recommend getting Java 6 Update 10 if you don't already have it. It will make the program look nicer. To run the program, download the file above, unzip the .zip file that is downloaded, and double-click on the .jar file. The program should automatically run on most operating systems. The other file, ProbePilotFilters.txt, is a list of the websites that are currently allowed (like a white list).

Future Enhancements

I've already done some work on version 0.6. Specifically, I've fixed the bug where links on the page didn't work, and it didn't load the main image, and I've edited the GUI so that when you press <ENTER> on the text field, it automatically runs the search, rather than needing to press "Go".

  • There should ideally be 10 results on a page, even if many were filtered.
  • Eventually, the user should be able to choose whether the list is a white list or a black list.
  • The user should be able to save and load various configurations easily.
  • The user should be able to choose a search engine.
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