Buy me a burger!

Buy me lunch!

What is my money going to be used for?

This site has been around since 2007 and has slowly grown and developed over those many years. I have many great plans (many of which come from people like you!) that I would love to push forward with. Buying me lunch can help do that faster.

Will the money really go to buying me lunch? Yes. And no. There's a good chance that your money will indeed be used to buy me food, freeing up more of my personal time and money to help grow this site. But the money could also be used for other things that improve the site, too.

Here are a few of the big things that I want to do in the near future:

  • Get rid of the ugly ads that Wikidot puts on my site. Yeah, I don't get a cent off of those ads, and they're freakin' ugly. Getting rid of them, however, is an area where I need financial help. I'd love to actually move everything on this site off to a separately hosted site, not under the Wikidot domain. Doing so would give me much more freedom in what the site can do, and it also gives me more ability to customize the appearance and make the site look nicer.
  • Maintain and improve the current tutorials. One of my biggest projects right now is making sure all of these tutorials are up to date with XNA 4.0. It is a huge undertaking.
  • Adding new tutorials. Each new tutorial takes many hours of free time to put together. Buying me lunch feeds me while I do that.
  • Taking the site in a different direction. I really would like to expand this site beyond just the tutorials, including more substantial software programs to help you make games, interesting game development challenges, and friendly competitions. Your money helps to make all of that possible.