Quiz Program

About the Quiz Program

Here is another simple program that I just made while studying for a mid-term test. This program lets you create a set of questions and it will quiz you on them. Right now it is pretty rough, but it really has a lot of potential. I've just added a new release that improves the graphics quite a bit, and I've put a screenshot of build 2 below.



Build# Files Comments
2 QuizProgram-Build2.zip -
1 QuizProgram.zip -

Download this file and extract the contents. You should be able to run the .jar file by double clicking on it. The other file, questions.txt is where your questions are saved. Right now, because of the way I set it up, there has to be at least one question in the file. Once you've added other questions, feel free to go into the file and delete the first two lines about 2+2 being 4.

Also, you can try using the question file below if you want to see a little more advanced question set:


Just have it overwrite the other questions.txt file.