Monogame - Getting Started Tutorials

Before you get started, there are a few things you will need to know and do, which we cover in these four tutorials. These tutorials explain a little bit about what MonoGame is, how to install the necessary (free) software to use MonoGame, and how to do some of the basic things in in. Once you have been through these few tutorials, you will be able to go on to just about anything that you want, though I recommend going to the 2D tutorials next, and then the 3D tutorials, and pick up the rest of the tutorials as you need them.


1 - Introduction to MonoGame

Here is an introduction to MonoGame. This will give you an idea of how MonoGame can help you make your game! I would recommend starting here if you haven't done anything with MonoGame (or XNA) before.
Introduction to MonoGame


2 - Setting Up MonoGame

There are a few (free!) things we need to install before we can start making games with MonoGame. This tutorial will tell you where to go on the Internet to download them and get them installed.
Setting Up MonoGame


3 - Creating a MonoGame Game from the Template

This tutorial will show you how to make your first MonoGame game from a built-in template. The template really does a lot for us, so we can get started quickly.
Creating a MonoGame Game from the Template


4 - Managing Content in MonoGame

In any game, content is extremely important. All your art resources, like 3D models, music, sound effects, images, and textures, are called "content". This tutorial covers the basics of working with content. It is a fairly simple task, but it is one that we will use in virtually every other tutorial, so it's a good thing to learn upfront.
Managing Content in MonoGame