Monogame Breakout

This tutorial set covers the process of making a clone of Breakout from scratch.

While most of the other tutorials on this site focus on concepts, the goal of this set of tutorials is to show you how to put all of the pieces together and to make a complete game out of the concepts you learn in the other tutorials.

A game-from-scratch set of tutorials is the #1 request that I get, up until this point. And it's a good request.

The big reason I haven't done so up until this point is that there is no single way to put the pieces together to make a game. The possibilities are endless. Even a game as simple as Breakout, you could implement in dozens of different ways, all of which would be considered "good design" and "good coding practices." (And probably just as many that are bad.)

So the #1 rule for going through this tutorial set is: my approach isn't the only way, nor do I make any sort of guarantees that it's the best. Or even bug free.

I do hope, though, that this tutorial set can be of some inspiration to people who find themselves stuck, not knowing how to put the pieces together.

This tutorial set attempts to build a relatively complete game. It's still missing a few interesting additions that I may cover in future tutorials, including:

  • Sound effects and music.
  • A menu system and other UI components.
  • A high score board.

1 - Overview

This tutorial will describe the goals for the game we are going to create in this tutorial set. It will sort of serve as a functional design document for what we'll try to accomplish here, so you can better see the end from the beginning.