MonoGame 2D Tutorials

These tutorials cover the basics of doing 2D stuff, like drawing text and images, as well as 2D animation, and some fancy effects in 2D. After you have completed these tutorials, you should be able to make some pretty interesting 2D games with MonoGame. 2D stuff is also used in 3D games, so this is a good place to start learning MonoGame.


1 - Introduction to 2D Graphics

In the other tutorials in this category, we will discuss how to make 2D games. In this tutorial, we will discuss some background information about how 2D games work, which will get us going quickly with our 2D games.
Introduction to 2D Graphics


2 - SpriteBatches

The key player in 2D graphics is a class called the SpriteBatch class. It is used for virtually all 2D drawing. In this tutorial, we will take a look at how the SpriteBatch object works, and start drawing some pictures on the screen.


3 - Drawing Text with SpriteFonts

Drawing text is one of the most common things we will want to do in a game. This tutorial will show you how to draw text with SpriteFonts, MonoGame's way of drawing text.
Drawing Text with SpriteFonts


4 - Texture Atlases

In the previous three tutorials, we have covered all of the basics of 2D games. Starting with this tutorial, we will start covering some of the more important aspects of 2D drawing. In this tutorial, we will cover how to use texture atlases, which is a single image with multiple textures on it. We will look at how we can do 2D animation using texture atlases in this tutorial.
Texture Atlases


5 - Rotating Sprites

Before long, you are going to wonder how to draw sprites that are rotated in a 2D game. This tutorial goes through the simple process of rotating sprites.
Rotating Sprites


6 - Additive Blending with Sprites

In this tutorial, we will discuss another more advanced topic in 2D games and 2D drawing: additive blending. Additive blending allows for a whole new kind of drawing which can give us some very cool effects, especially when applied to a particle engine (the next tutorial).
Additive Blending with Sprites

MonoGame 2D particle engine tutorial coming soon… This is kind of a long one to port, and there are others that I want to do first.