Model Library

This page is a library of 3D models that anyone can use for free for any purpose. In fact, with all of the models that are here so far, I don't even care if you don't give me credit for them. The ones that are here aren't too spectacular, and you can probably make better ones yourself. :) - An asteroid model. - A really simple beach ball model. - A simple helicopter model. Includes a height map and a normal map, in case you are using a bump map shader.


Creator: RB Whitaker
Triangles: 1600
Textures: None
Formats: .obj, .fbx, .3ds
Description: A simple model of a PSP that was made in a 1 hour speed modeling competition.
Images: - A model that I used for an asteroids game. It is not very detailed, because in the game, you never get a really close view of the ship, but it is here for anyone to use that wants to. - Another space ship model. It is a little more detailed than SimpleShip, but still, nothing fancy. I use it in some of the tutorials. - It's exactly what it sounds like. A sphere with no texturing. Used in some of the tutorials.