Java Tutorials

Note to Readers: If you're on this page, you clearly are interested in Java, at least a little. Most of my site is dedicated to XNA, and as a result, C#. But I enjoy Java almost as much as C#. Part of the reason this page is here is to get feedback about how many people are really interested in Java programming. If you'd rather make games with Java (note, you won't be able to use XNA) send me an email to let me know you'd be interested in seeing this expanded. (End note.)


1 - Hello World

As a first step to learning Java, let's write a simple program that prints out 'Hello World!' on the screen.
Hello World


2 - Comments

Comments are a way for you to leave messages in the code to explain what it does for other programmers (including yourself). The compiler will completely ignore these comments. This tutorial will show you how to create comments, why you should use them, and how to use them most effectively.


3 - Playing Audio in Java

Obviously this isn't the logical thing to do after a 'Hello World!' program, but a few of my friends told me to make a tutorial that explains how to play audio in Java, and here it is. It is actually very simple for someone who knows a little bit about Java.
Playing Audio in Java