Game Physics Tutorials

This category is for tutorials that involve physics. Proper physics in games is important so that the game acts like it should. Like the math tutorials, these tutorials may not have as much XNA coding, since they focus on the physics involved, but these tutorials usually explain how to implement the physics in your game.


1 - Basic Collision Detection

This tutorial covers the basics of collision detection. In most 3D games, like in the real world, two objects shouldn't overlap each other. Or if they do, you should know about it, because it means some sort of important event has happened. This tutorial will discuss how to implement simple collision detection in an XNA game.
Basic Collision Detection


2 - Collision Detection with Circles

This tutorial continues with some of the concepts in the first tutorial, but we'll create a Circle type to use in collision detection as well. This tutorial will cover code for point-in-circle checking, as well as intersecting circle checking.
Collision Detection with Circles