Game Math Tutorials

The tutorials in this category usually will not deal with a lot of XNA coding, but will rather focus on math that may come up frequently or be useful in game development.


1 - Introduction to Game Math

Math is used in a lot of games. In fact, you almost can't get by without it. This tutorial will gently introduce some of the kinds of math that may be useful when creating a video game, before we dig in and start looking at some of the specifics.
Introduction to Game Math


2 - 3D Coordinate Systems

There are many types of coordinate systems in existence. XNA uses the Cartesian coordinate system, but you may find that it is easier to work with another coordinate system. This tutorial discusses some other coordinate systems, as well as when they might be useful, and how to convert between the different systems.
3D Coordinate Systems


3 - Generating Random Numbers

While making games, it is very common to need to do things based on randomness. It's often what makes the game different and fun to play repeatedly. While other tutorials have touched on picking random numbers, in this tutorial we'll cover the concepts behind picking random numbers, and cover random number generation in C# and XNA in depth.
Generating Random Numbers