Future Plans

My XNA tutorials have a lot of stuff in them, but it is impossible to cover everything that is possible with XNA. However, I am still planning on adding more tutorials soon. Below I have made a couple of lists. The first list is a list of tutorials and other improvements that I am currently planning on adding. The second list is a list of tutorials that I am considering adding. Feel free to comment and request additional tutorials. While I can't guarantee that I'll have the time to create a tutorial for everything anyone requests because of time constraints, I can say that I will consider it.

Planned Improvements

  • More HLSL tutorials, including:
    • Environment Mapping for reflection and refraction
  • A tutorial on guitar input
  • A tutorial on bone animation
  • Reworking the tutorial main page so that it is easy to see that there is a glossary
  • Creating a good place to link to the Toy Box
  • "Troubleshoot this tutorial" sections on every page, which link to another page and allow people to ask questions and I can fix problems with the tutorial or help resolve weak explanations or other things that may be a stumbling block for many people. I'll include a message saying something like "I'd like to keep the troubleshooting pages fairly clean, so once your question has been resolved (i.e. a problem with the tutorial fixed, or adding a discussion about it on the troubleshooting page, or something similar), I may delete the post. If you feel like this still didn't resolve the question, then repost/reprase your question again, so that I can resolve it."

Possible Improvements

  • Even more HLSL tutorials, including:
    • Point Sprites
    • Multiple Lights
    • Point Lights
    • Simple Transparency Shader
  • A couple of tutorials on AI in games
  • A couple of tutorials on threading in C# and XNA
  • Networking tutorials
  • The XNA Storage classes
  • A tutorial on dealing with multiple screen sizes
  • A tutorial on how to distribute your game by XBLA
  • A tutorial on vectors, which would go under the game math tutorials, discussing what they are and how they are used, as well as dot and cross products.
  • Possibly choosing another icon for the advanced XNA tutorials. So far, I just can't think of anything that says "this is advanced stuff" in an icon form. (I'm welcome to suggestions.)
  • A Visual Studio/XNA Game Studio Primer
  • A C# Primer - but not an entire discussion on programming. That's the one real prerequisite for game programming: you need to know how to program a little bit already!
    • Definitely need to include properties and delegates, because they are definitely worth using, but aren't found in many other programming languages that people might be used to.
  • A couple of tutorial sets that create a complete game instead of learning a specific task or topic.
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