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Website Discussion and Feedback
A place to post questions or feedback about the site in general, or to request or discuss future tutorials and features of the site. If you're interested in seeing (or even having an impact on) the future of this website, check back here frequently!
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Make requests for tutorials here.
2993by neosoftaneosofta
26 Jun 2021 07:02Jump!
Feedback about the site structure and organization as a whole, or post problems that you have with the site.
31114by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
30 Apr 2018 00:30Jump!
Other discussions that don't fit well into one of the other categories.
1660by r3gr3g
10 Mar 2023 00:01Jump!
Community Projects
A place for discussions about projects being worked on collaboratively by people like you.
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A place for general discussion about community projects and for staging new ideas for projects.
28164by Brett208Brett208
24 Jan 2018 06:31Jump!
424by Brett208Brett208
22 Jan 2017 18:51Jump!
A place to talk about Competition #15, which is taking place on Labor Day weekend (3-6 September 2021).
22by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
27 Aug 2021 23:53Jump!
619by PiscesMikePiscesMike
05 Aug 2021 23:10Jump!
A place to talk about the Fall 2017 game development competition.
621by Chris (guest)
01 Apr 2018 22:15Jump!
722by Marcus42Marcus42
08 Oct 2017 23:23Jump!
1696by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
12 Sep 2017 22:57Jump!
A place to talk about the 2017 Winter Competition, taking place in February.
1363by Brett208Brett208
07 Apr 2017 07:40Jump!
A place to plan and discuss Competition #9
1056by Marcus42Marcus42
31 Jan 2017 01:01Jump!
A place to discuss the upcoming 8th Game Development Competition
23263by Brett208Brett208
03 Oct 2016 18:28Jump!
The place to discuss the upcoming 7th Game Development Competition
1070by PiscesMikePiscesMike
12 Feb 2016 19:42Jump!
A place for discussion on the 6th Game Development Competition.
1499by Marcus42Marcus42
26 Sep 2015 17:45Jump!
The place to discuss the upcoming 5th Game Development Competition.
20190by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
26 Sep 2015 16:47Jump!
The place to discuss the upcoming fourth challenge/competition that we're in the process of defining.
1487by Trayton (guest)
08 Jun 2018 08:01Jump!
A category for anything related to Game Development Competition #3!
20156by SwatacularSwatacular
07 Jan 2015 04:16Jump!
The place to discuss the upcoming second game development challenge/competition that we're in the progress of defining.
21159by Marcus42Marcus42
02 Aug 2014 19:23Jump!
A category for anything related to Game Development Competition #1, which has the optional theme of Space Invaders.
20237by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
20 May 2014 04:52Jump!
A place to announce and discuss future collabs.
The place to discuss Collab #11, happening on 17 April 2021.
11by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
04 Apr 2021 17:34Jump!
37by PiscesMikePiscesMike
16 Apr 2021 04:28Jump!
A place to discuss the December 2019 collab.
1030by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
29 Dec 2019 20:09Jump!
553by Brett208Brett208
07 Dec 2018 03:18Jump!
1137by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
11 Sep 2022 05:02Jump!
A place to plan and discuss Collab #6
830by PiscesMikePiscesMike
01 Nov 2016 11:33Jump!
A place to discuss Collab #5.
1781by Brett208Brett208
13 May 2016 16:11Jump!
A place to discuss the upcoming collaboration #4.
738by PiscesMikePiscesMike
26 Oct 2015 07:18Jump!
634by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
20 Aug 2015 03:02Jump!
Our collaborations are a simple 1-day or 1-weekend team-based game dev challenge. This is the area where we'll be organizing Collab #2!
637by Marcus42Marcus42
25 Jan 2015 20:58Jump!
A place to discuss a (potential) upcoming mini collaboration project on a Saturday in August.
629by PiscesMikePiscesMike
12 Sep 2014 10:28Jump!
An Asteroids clone that is being made by the community in January 2014).
427by PiscesMikePiscesMike
02 Feb 2014 19:17Jump!
A Breakout clone being made in Fall of 2013. Please join in!
573by PiscesMikePiscesMike
11 Dec 2014 17:31Jump!
General questions about C# programming in general, but also with a focus on C# programming for game development.
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General questions about programming with C#, but also with an emphasis on using C# for game development.
51211by Tango! (guest)
16 Mar 2023 17:07Jump!
A place for discussing anything about MonoGame.
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A place to discuss anything with MonoGame.
2562by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
11 Jun 2017 03:05Jump!
Art and Sound
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836by Brett208Brett208
24 Apr 2017 22:31Jump!
48by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
13 Nov 2017 04:42Jump!
Realm Factory
Questions and discussion about the Realm Factory program.
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General questions about the use of Realm Factory
1878by Hence (guest)
23 Apr 2021 23:05Jump!
Discussions about possible features for Realm Factory
28by rbwhitakerrbwhitaker
01 Dec 2011 01:58Jump!
A Forum for people using and learning XNA
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General XNA Questions
110393by PiscesMikePiscesMike
02 Aug 2016 05:00Jump!
The place to talk about your goals for your own projects and get feedback as though it were an official competition/challenge, for the times and places where there isn't a suitable competition/challenge to join in.
841by SwatacularSwatacular
05 Apr 2016 20:17Jump!

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