Evolution Project Downloads

Please report bugs, feature requests, and anything else you would like in the Evolution section of the forum.

By downloading this project you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You accept the program AS-IS. You will be responsible for any damages, real or imagined, caused by using this program or the output created from it.
  • You may use any of the content of this download, with the exception of the included resource files "Froggy.fbx" and "FroggyTexture.png" in any way you wish-for profit, education, or personal use.
  • You may use the resources "Froggy.fbx" and "FroggyTexture.png" for personal uses without restriction, and you may also use them for education and profit as long as you provide credit to me for creating them.

Basically, what I'm saying is if you use my content, give me credit. The Evolution project is free for anyone to use in any way that they want to. Hopefully it helps you.

Version 0.60

The first publicly available version of the Evolution project. It is an early alpha version. It includes some basic directions, but if they don't appear to be working, let me know.