I'd absolutely love to hear from you about what you like and dislike about this site and how I can make it better. (And I can't tell you how nice it is to get a genuine "thank you" email from people who have visited this site on occasion.)

I really do want to hear from you!


Discord is probably the best way to reach out to me. I'm always on it and usually reply quickly.

I strongly prefer posting questions in general server channels over DMs because then I can help everybody instead of just one person (and we can get takes from other users as well).

I spend a ton of time on Discord. The server most relevant to this site is the one linked in the header:



I can't promise to respond to your email, but email me anyway. I do read every single email I get and take your suggestions into account. I read every forum post and every comment on a tutorial within a few hours after they were posted. So don't hesitate to let me know what's on your mind, ask me questions about what's confusing you, or ask me how to do something in XNA.

I read all my emails, but I don't always have time to reply.

Other Social Media

I don't use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media much. I have accounts in all of those places and have used them in the past, but these days, I try to avoid them as much as possible. They're not great places to keep up with me and what I'm doing or to contact me.