Computer Generated Games

I've been thinking for a long time about what would be required to make computer generated games. Right now, I'm not making any pages that link here, because it is just a few thoughts for now. So if you happen to have stumbled on to this page, possibly through the 'List All Pages' thing, then consider yourself lucky.

So what would you have to do to get a computer to create its own game? Ideally, the computer would have to write the code on its own. That may be coming in 20 or 30 years, but I think we've got a while still. So what if I created a game engine, and the computer only had to create everything else?

Well the following would be nice to have automated generation for:

  • The Story
  • Generation of objectives & Goals
  • Generation of puzzles that are both interesting and doable
  • The art assets (3d models, textures, etc.)
  • Audio
  • Sound Effects
  • Geography (Cities, Terrain, 'Dungeons')

The bulk of expenses for a game these days goes to artists and designers. If this could all be automated, things would get really cheap, I think. Of course, you would need more developers to build, upgrade, and maintain the automated generation code…

I have been playing KOTOR II lately, and I think that it would be really cool to have a game that generates a universe for you. There are some games that do this, but they tend to lack in artistic variability (there are only three types of teams anywhere in the galaxy, there are only 40 types of ships anywhere, etc.), and also lack in story. (usually there is no real story, other than your interaction with other human players, and simplistic goals set up by a very primitive generator.) What would it take to generate an entire game this way? If you could do it, then people wouldn't ever get sick of the game, because there would always be something new to try. You could simply keep updating the game engine (possibly charging for updates) and delivering it.

It would be really cool to do, and if you are interested in discussing this more with me, let me know.