Welcome to this website! This started out as a temporary location for my tutorials and projects, which has become quite popular, and as a result, fairly permanent. As long as Wikidot keeps cooperating with me, I'm planning on staying here.

This site is designed as a place to help you get going with game development (or just software development in general) and provides you with tons of free amazing tutorials, software, and resources for you to use.

Take a look at my XNA Tutorials as well as my MonoGame Tutorials, and my Realm Factory program, which is a basic (free) level editor for XNA. Or see what other people are saying in the Forum.

Recent Updates

11 January 2020

BasicEffect fog tutorial for MonoGame has now been created, ported from the XNA version. See the MonoGame fog tutorial here.

This leaves one big tutorial in the 2D set and one big tutorial in the 3D set un-ported, but everything else in the first five MonoGame tutorial sets have now been ported!

8 January 2020

BasicEffect lighting tutorial for MonoGame has now been created, ported from the XNA version. See the MonoGame lighting tutorial here.

4 January 2020

All of the XNA input tutorials have now been ported to MonoGame. Check out the full tutorial set! MonoGame Input Tutorials

3 January 2020

I just completed porting the Xbox controller input tutorial over to MonoGame. One more to go in that tutorial set! Check it out.

31 December 2019

Just posted the State of the Site for the year. This is only the second time I've done a State of the Site, though I wish it were something I did every year.

Here's the link: State of the Site 2019

30 December 2019

Now up to three MonoGame input tutorials! (That picking one was a beast!) http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/monogame-input-tutorials

29 December 2019

I just took a few minutes to port the first MonoGame input tutorial on basic keyboard input. You can see this tutorial set here: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/monogame-input-tutorials.

28 December 2019

We completed Collab #9! See the forum for the results! http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/forum/t-12883900/collab-results

Thank you to @PiscesMike, @MooCow, and @Edo for joining the fun! I know it's been a while since we did a formal collab like this, but hopefully it won't be as long before the next one.

13 November 2019

Announcing Collab #9! Most of the details are still up in the air, but the plan is to do another collab on the 28 December 2019. See the forum for details: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/forum/c-6834593/collab-9-december-2019

Add yourself to the list if you're interested in participating!

3 November 2019

I pulled the trigger on a thing I've been thinking about for many years now. I just open sourced Realm Factory, which can be found at GitHub. Realistically, it's probably not a super useful tool at the moment, because it is all XNA and Windows Forms. But at least this way, somebody who might be interested in taking a crack at trying to improve it can do so. And if that happens, I'm happy to help support and facilitate that.

26 October 2019

This is largely just a heartbeat update. Nothing grand and obvious to point out. I'm currently working on the 4th Edition of my book, and work has been busy lately.

A couple of us did a collab a month or two ago, but I'm itching for another one (or another competition) some time soon, but probably not for several more weeks until at least after the book goes out.

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